Our manual decoration of print motifs puts an end to the limitations of direct printing: Through manual decoration of print motifs, we are completely flexible when it comes to the positioning of your design.

Advantages of Hand Decoration

  • Small print runs possible from 25 pieces
  • Perfectly combinable with various special prints such as handle or bottom printing
  • Individual special requests for positioning are almost unrestricted depending on the item
  • Independent in the selection of items. Therefore, we can print almost all shapes in glass & porcelain, including customer-specific items

Special Prints

Through hand decoration, individual special prints are no problem:

  • Handle print
  • Outside bottom print
  • Inside bottom print
  • Inner print


As with any manual production process, there can be certain minor deviations within a batch. In our case, this mainly concerns the positioning of the motifs, with a deviation of approximately 3 mm. Through optimizations in the production process, we have been able to greatly minimize these deviations.

Insights into Decoration

Below you will find some photos from our decoration department. The printing motifs were previously printed in our in-house screen printing shop. Here we print on transfer paper, and with a bit of water, the motifs can then be released and transferred.

The yellow you see in the photos is the so-called transfer varnish. This serves as the carrier material for the actual printing inks.