Wirtskrug - 0,5 l - Weiß

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  • Height: 12.5 cm
  • Diameter (outside): 10.0 cm
  • Capacity: approx. Füllmenge: ca. 0,5 Liter
  • Color: White
  • Minimum order quantity:ab 25 Stück
  • Delivery time: approx. 15-20 working days
  • Thanks to hydro glazing, available in all colors
  • 01-2141


Willkommen in der Welt der bayerischen Gemütlichkeit und Tradition! Unsere original bayerischen Wirtskrüge aus Steinzeug sind perfekt, um das authentische Flair der bayerischen Bierkultur zu genießen. Erhältlich in einer Füllmenge von 0,5 Litern und individualisierbar ab einer Mindestbestellmenge von 50 Stücken, bieten diese Krüge ein Stück Bayern zum Mitnehmen.

Egal, ob Sie in einem Biergarten, einer Hütte oder zu Hause sind, dieser Krug schafft eine warme und einladende Atmosphäre, die typisch für Bayern ist. Machen Sie diesen Wirtskrug zu Ihrem eigenen. Wir bieten die Möglichkeit, ihn mit Ihrem Namen, Logo oder einem besonderen Design zu bedrucken oder gravieren.

Steinzeug ist nicht nur robust, sondern hält auch Ihr Bier angenehm kühl und frisch.

Our quality promise for printing beer mugs

  • We source our raw materials exclusively from Germany and Europe, ensuring that you do not receive any goods from China or the Far East. Furthermore, our quality promise includes providing only A-grade products to our customers.
  • High-quality screen printing or sandblasting engraving
  • You order directly from the finisher, with no intermediaries. The entire finishing process of the beer mugs takes place in-house.
  • Whether it’s 50 pieces or 50,000 - our priority is delivering a high-quality end product.
  • Sustainable production chains
  • Individual consultation
  • For each order, you receive direct points of contact.


The product range of Granvogl is characterized by lasting quality and materials from natural raw materials. Therefore, it is only logical that we also take sustainable approaches in manufacturing.

Glass, porcelain, stoneware, enamel, cork: Granvogl products are made from materials that have been used for centuries and impress both with their natural origin and their durability. Even the hand-applied printing, such as on mugs or jugs, contributes to our credo of lasting quality: our methods ensure that the motifs are particularly durable on the item.

Most of the roof at our company headquarters is equipped with PV systems. These primarily serve to cover our own needs: in the summer months, we manage to operate our kilns 100% with self-produced solar power.

We source the unprinted items from Germany and Europe. Printing, firing, further processing, and shipping are all done entirely at our site in Langenmosen to avoid unnecessary transport of semi-finished goods.

Print Area and Unwrapping

In our Product Specifications at the top, you will find the layouts for the print areas available for download as a PDF. If no file is linked, please contact us. We will then send you all the necessary documents.

Print and Engraving Areas

Through our hand decoration process, we can fully print almost all mug models. For bulbous shapes, there are some limitations with wrap-around printing, but feel free to ask us in detail; we always tailor your design templates accordingly.

Pewter lids for beer mugs

Embellish your printed beer mug with a high-quality pewter lid. You can have your own motif or individual advertising message engraved on the lid. The lids are made of pure pewter and are handcrafted in Germany. As the lids are cast directly onto the jug, they are firmly attached to the handle. You can find an overview here.