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Sustainable Storage: Printed cans from Granvogl · food-safe · high-quality processes · Printing Made in Germany · From 25 pieces

Our quality promise when it comes to printing cans

  • We exclusively source our raw materials from Germany and Europe; you are guaranteed not to receive any goods from China or the Far East. Furthermore, our quality promise ensures that we deliver only A-grade products to our customers.
  • High-quality screen printing or sandblasting engraving
  • You order directly from the refiner, no intermediaries involved. The entire refinement process of the raw materials is done in-house.
  • Whether it's 50 pieces or 50,000, delivering a high-quality end product is our top priority.
  • Sustainable production chains
  • Personalized consultation
  • For every order, you have direct contact persons.


The product range of Granvogl is characterized by enduring quality and materials sourced from natural resources. It is only logical that we pursue sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes.

Glass, porcelain, stoneware, enamel, cork: Granvogl products are made from materials that have been used for centuries, showcasing their natural origins and durability. Even the hand-applied printing, such as on cups or jugs, contributes to our commitment to lasting quality: Our processes ensure that the designs are exceptionally durable on the items.

The majority of the roof at our headquarters is equipped with PV systems. These primarily serve to cover our own energy needs: During the summer months, we manage to operate our kilns with 100% self-produced solar power.

We source our unprinted items from Germany or Europe. Printing, firing, additional processing, and shipping all take place at our facility in Langenmosen to minimize unnecessary transportation of partially finished goods.

Printing and Engraving Areas

Through our hand decoration, we can print almost all items with full coverage. For rounded shapes, there are some limitations with wrap-around printing, but you can easily ask us for details, as we always adapt your design templates.

Special printings like on the inner bottom or similar are therefore not a problem.