GR1901 - Enamel Cup

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  • Height: 8.50 cm
  • Diameter (outside): 9.00 cm
  • Capacity: approx. 330 ml
  • Color: completely white
  • Minimum order quantity: ab 25 Stück
  • Delivery time: approx. 15-20 working days
  • Thanks to hydro glazing, available in all colors
  • 02-1901


Print enamel mugs: Retro-chic meets practicality: Sustainable, timeless, robust, and also really pretty: cups or mugs made of enamel are all the rage. Granvogl also offers the almost "indestructible" companions for kitchen, office, and leisure – naturally with printing in true Granvogl quality!

Enamel as a protective coating, especially for kitchen utensils, dates back to the 19th century. As jewelry, enamel has been known for 3,500 years, and today the boundaries between unobtrusive elegance and practical robustness of the material are fluid.

• made of drawn steel sheet
• acid and alkali resistant
• 100% recyclable
• easy to clean due to pore-free, abrasion-resistant surface
• the robust, glass-hard surface guarantees a long service life
• tasteless and odorless
• lightfast and colorfast


We source our enamel mugs from a manufacturer dedicated to traditional enamel production: The mugs are initially made of steel. They are then dipped into the so-called slip, a viscous mass consisting of, among other things, quartz, potash, soda, and clay. The mug is then fired at approximately 850°C. This creates a solid bond between the steel and the slip: The steel body receives a stable protective layer comparable to particularly hard glass.


You can have enamel mugs, like all other products available from us, printed or engraved in high quality. Here you can find the processes.


Printed enamel mugs from Granvogl are generally dishwasher safe. This applies to both the enamel cup itself and the print. However, for lasting enjoyment of your enamel mug from Granvogl, we recommend washing by hand or in the glass program of the dishwasher.

Enamel Quality Features

The production of our enamel mugs is traditionally done by hand. This makes each enamel mug unique. This includes irregularities due to traditional production – such as weld seams, slightly different layer thicknesses of the enamel, or areas where gripping tools were applied during production. Another "flaw", which is actually more of a beauty mark, is the characteristic small hole in the welded mug handle: This is an air vent hole, so that during firing, the heated air can escape from the hollow handle. All of this does not detract from the practicality in any way! Rather, it is precisely these features of genuine craftsmanship that give the enamel mugs from Granvogl their lovable character for printing.

Our Quality Promise for Enamel Printing

  • We source our raw enamel materials exclusively from Europe; you will not find any goods from China or the Far East here. Furthermore, our quality promise guarantees that we only deliver top-quality products to our customers.
  • High-quality screen printing or sandblasting engraving
  • You order directly from the refiner, no middlemen. The entire refinement of the raw materials is done in-house.
  • Whether 50 pieces or 50,000 - a high-quality end product is our top priority
  • Sustainable production chains
  • Individual consultation
  • For every order, you will have direct contact persons


The product range of Granvogl is characterized by lasting quality and materials made from natural resources. It is only logical that we also pursue sustainable paths in manufacturing.

Glass, porcelain, stoneware, enamel, cork: Granvogl's products are made from materials that have been used for centuries and convince with their natural origin and durability. Even the hand-applied printing, for example on cups or jugs, contributes to our credo of lasting quality: Through our processes, the motifs are immortalized particularly durably on the items.

The majority of the roof at our company headquarters is equipped with PV systems. These primarily serve to cover our own needs: In the summer months, we manage to operate our kilns with 100% self-produced solar power.

We source the unprinted items from Germany or Europe. Printing, firing, and further processing as well as shipping take place entirely at our location in Langenmosen to prevent unnecessary transport of partially finished goods.

Printing Area and Unfolding

In our product specifications at the top, you will find the layouts for the printing areas as a PDF for download. If no file is linked, please contact us. We will then send you all the necessary documents.

Printing and Engraving Areas

Through our hand decoration, we can print almost all cup models with full coverage. For bulbous shapes, there are some restrictions with wraparound printing, but you can simply ask us for details, we always adapt your design templates.