Print and engrave
stainless steel

Granvogl Quality Promise: only SUS304 stainless steel · food-safe · high-quality processes · Printing Made in Germany · From 25 pieces

Our quality promise when it comes to printing on stainless steel

For our custom-printed mugs, we use SUS304 quality stainless steel. You may recognize this stainless steel quality from your kitchen. The mug is double-walled with an insulating air layer, and the handle is thermally separated and welded to the mug. The consistently cylindrical shape emphasizes the somewhat technical look of stainless steel and ensures that our stainless steel mug integrates visually neutrally into any environment.


Durable and Highly Recyclable: Stainless steel combines outstanding material properties with pronounced sustainability. During production, a large portion of scrap steel is already recycled, and finished stainless steel products are completely recyclable. However, it may take time until this point: Printable stainless steel mugs from GRANVOGL are extremely durable and resistant.

The product range of Granvogl is characterized by enduring quality and materials sourced from natural resources. It is only logical that we pursue sustainable practices in our manufacturing.

Glass, porcelain, stoneware, enamel, cork: Granvogl products are made from materials that have been used for centuries, boasting both natural origins and long-lasting durability. Even hand-applied printing, for example on cups or steins, contributes to our commitment to lasting quality: Our processes ensure that designs are particularly durable on our products.

The majority of the roof at our company headquarters is equipped with PV systems. These primarily serve to meet our own energy needs: During the summer months, we succeed in operating our kilns with 100% self-generated solar power.


Stainless steel cups for printing by GRANVOGL are printed using organic inks in a low-temperature process. This creates an interesting contrast between the color-accurate, brilliant print and the rather matte surface of stainless steel – an effect that can be further intensified with white underprinting. The cups can be printed all around the outside and on the bottom.

Promotional cups with custom printing are classics in image-driven corporate communication. The stainless steel variant with its simple, technically influenced aesthetic allows for an even wider range of applications – also because it is proverbially tough. These printed cups fit not only in offices or tea kitchens but also in laboratories, workshops, manufacturing facilities, street food trucks, or outdoor activities. And anywhere that values design and interesting materials.