Printing Customer Goods: A Parade Discipline of Our Printing Shop

Do you want to refine your own goods with a print in the well-known Granvogl quality? That is also possible with our service for printing external goods. This service offers you the opportunity to send or bring in your own vessels or goods. We check the basic printability, which is influenced by factors such as material type, surface treatment, and shape.

As a general rule: glass and porcelain can always be printed; stoneware, earthenware, and other ceramics need to be carefully examined first. Then we measure the cups (or glasses, bottles, beer mugs, etc.) to determine the maximum printable area.

To ensure that the printed product meets Granvogl's high standards, we create a so-called firing sample. Your item is printed and fired with a sample motif so that we can assess how the material behaves and how the final result convinces. We offer this firing sample as a special service free of charge.

We print your goods: here's how it works

The path from "plain" goods to an impressive advertising medium with a high image factor is easy – and is explained here step by step:

Your Request, Our Offer

Here you can directly submit your request for printing your own products. We create each offer individually, so it's helpful if you provide us with as much information as possible about the product. This includes dimensions, desired quantity, material specifications, and if possible, the planned design as a preliminary image file. It's also helpful to include a photo of the item to be printed. You will receive our offer as soon as possible.

Which prints are possible?

All types of ceramic screen printing are possible on your products – solid color printing in Pantone or HKS tones as well as (depending on the quantity) 4-color printing and ceramic digital printing. However, for quality reasons, we can only provide precise information about the printing technique once we know the exact material and processing of your products.

Shipping your goods

After placing your order, please send us your products to be printed or bring them to our location in Langenmosen. Alternatively, we can arrange for our shipping service to pick up your items. At the same time, please send us your printing template. Upon receipt of the goods, we will determine the actual printing area, surface curvature, and other aspects that may affect the printing, and then provide you with a proof of your design for approval.

Printing on your goods

After approval of the proof, the designs will be printed, transferred onto the goods, and the items fired at temperatures of 640°C or 850°C. For items made from special materials such as colored or coated glass or specific stoneware, we assess whether a firing test is advisable.

As a special service, we provide a firing test free of charge. This involves printing and firing your item with a design from current production. It allows us to ensure that the printed final product meets both your and our standards.

Upon request, we can also provide a sample print for your order. This means we will first print your custom design on an item from your own stock and provide it to you for approval.

Delivery of your printed goods

At the agreed delivery date, we will send back your finished, printed, and fired goods or have them ready for pickup at our facility in Langenmosen.

Delivery time and minimum quantity

Printing your own goods at Granvogl is possible starting from a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces. Depending on the quantity, the delivery time is approximately 15 working days.

Print Your Own Goods

The product range of Granvogl includes printable cups, glasses, beer mugs, bottles, plates, and bowls in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs. Even this wide selection of glass and ceramic items for printing can sometimes reach its limits, for example, when one of our customers has established a unique shape for bottles or tableware as part of their corporate identity.

Your Goods, Our Printing: A Convincing Team

The products we offer, which are printed with your design, cover a wide range of applications: from office supplies to promotional items and trade show giveaways to use in the hospitality industry. In addition, we are happy to meet the demand for more individuality and also print on glass, ceramic, or porcelain items that do not come from Granvogl. Possible applications for individually printed customer goods include:

  • Stock items that need to be printed later
  • Already established bottles for retail sale
  • Office tableware or trade show equipment in your own CI-compliant design
  • Special glasses for the hospitality industry

Do you have any questions about printing your own glasses, cups, bottles, or other glass and ceramic products? Ask us, we are happy to provide a competent answer.

Here you will find all the ways to contact us.