Screen Printing 4-Color Process (CMYK)

Suitable for photorealistic designs. In this printing process, your design is separated into the three color components Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and the black component Key of the CMYK color space, halftoned, and each printed using screen printing. This results in your desired design in the end. It is particularly well-suited for photorealistic designs and illustrations. Full-surface elements of the design that require a specific color value (e.g., the company logo) are printed separately as a special color. Due to the high production effort, this printing process requires a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces. Can be implemented with both high- and low-temperature colors.

High-Temperature Firing

In this variant, we use ceramic colors, which we fire at 640 – 840 degrees Celsius (depending on the material). The ceramic color particles fuse with the glaze of the surface.

Advantages: Scratch-resistant, extremely strong bond between substrate material and color pigments
Limitations: Not all colors are feasible (e.g., magenta, pure cyan). Minimum order quantity of 250 pieces.

Low-Temperature Firing

Organic colors are used here, which cure at around 200° C. The color does not bond with the material.

Advantages: High color accuracy and brilliance, and a color spectrum similar to printing on paper – including pure cyan and magenta, resulting in almost the same color reproduction as offset printing. Available from 50 pieces.
Limitations: Not 100% scratch-resistant (can be scratched with a sharp object).