Screen Printing Solid Colors

Suitable for full-surface designs. With this printing method, we realize most of our customers' wishes. Each individual color is printed separately as a solid color using screen printing. You can provide us with Pantone or HKS color values for each color of your design. Can be implemented with both high- and low-temperature colors.

High-Temperature Firing

In this variant, we use ceramic colors, which we fire at 640 – 840 degrees Celsius (depending on the material). The ceramic color particles fuse with the glaze of the surface.

Advantages: Scratch-resistant, extremely strong bond between substrate material and color pigments
Limitations: Not all colors are feasible (e.g., magenta, pure cyan)

Low-Temperature Firing

Organic colors are used here, which cure at around 200° C. The color does not bond with the material.

Advantages: High color accuracy and brilliance, and a color spectrum similar to printing on paper – including pure cyan and magenta.
Limitations: Not 100% scratch-resistant (can be scratched with a sharp object)